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Goose Repellent Lone Dog Decoy
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Goose Repellent Lone Dog Decoy L123196
Goose Repellent Pack of 3 Dog Decoys
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Amazing Wind-motion Dog Decoys Keep Geese Away. Guaranteed.

Place our dog decoys in the area where geese are unwanted. The geese see the dogs as a threat and will not come back as long as the dog silhouettes are in place. A slight breeze will cause the dogs to move and make them appear real, frightening the geese away.

Geese don't like dogs...

Watch Dog Goose Patrol dog silhouette decoys are enough to keep geese away from areas where the dogs are placed. The dog decoys are made of a light-weight, weather-resistant plastic material and joined to a spring device patented in 1996. It provides life-like motion in a slight breeze or gusty wind.

Watch Dog Goose Patrol is a smart choice. Here's why:

  • Cost-effective
  • Works day and night
  • Protects grassy or paved areas
  • Re-usable year after year
  • Sturdy light-weight plastic withstands all weather
  • Easy to store in non-migratory periods
  • Humane deterrent for geese and deer problems
  • No dangerous chemicals or foul odors
  • Quick to set up
  • Easily move to different areas of your property
  • Dogs last for 3+ years
  • It works or your money back!

30-day money back guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the effectiveness and durability of this product, contact us and return the product within 30-days of receiving your product, and we will promptly issue a refund (minus shipping and handling).

Questions? Email ContactUs@WatchDogGoosePatrol.com or call 651-340-7512