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Deer Repellent Pack of 5 Dog Decoys
Item#: deer-repellent-pack-of-5-dog-decoys
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Product Description The 5 Dog Decoys move in the wind and deters geese, deer, seagulls, and other unwanted varmint.

Works day and night, extremely durable to withstand all weather conditions, lasts for years, no harmful chemicals, wind activated.

How Many Dogs Do You Need? The Pack of 5 Dog Decoys is perfect for large properties. One Dog Decoy per open area works best. Fewer dogs are more effective since they will look more realistic. A smaller property with too many dog decoys on it will not look realistic to the pests. Error on the side of too few dogs, rather than too many dogs.

  • Contains: 5 Dog Decoys, 7 waterproofed wooden dowels, bottle of scent to spray along top edge of dog decoys (predator scent), and instruction sheet.
  • Materials: Dogs are made of weather-resistant corrugated plastic pre-assembled on steel springs, 7 waterproofed dowels
  • Guarantee: 30-day money back guarantee
  • Made in USA
Watch the Dog Decoy Move in the Wind... The video below shows how the dog decoys keep a high school soccer field clean from goose droppings.

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