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How It Works/FAQ

The Watch Dog Goose Patrol Dog Decoy is on a spring that gives the dog a live-action and in some winds, the dog actually appears as if it is running.

The movement of the dog decoy keeps pests away so you can enjoy your property again. Geese can be extremely messy. Their droppings get tracked indoors and can be a health hazard. After geese have been on the property, no one wants to walk around in their mess.

The Dog Decoy protects your property by keeping those messy geese away. In addition to geese, the dog decoy works for other pests, too. NOTE: The effectiveness of the product is based on the user's ability to follow product instructions of placement, height, and movement and adjust based on their properties' unique variances.

Besides the Dog Decoy, determine what accessory products you may need (if any).

Easy Setup
Make sure your pests are not around when you install your Dog Decoy. Shoo the pest away first, then install your Dog Decoy. Ongoing maintenance. The dogs should be periodically moved to different areas so the pests do not get used to them. Rule to go by: Move 'em when you Mow. Pulling up the wooden dowel and re-installing them 10 feet one way, or 15 feet another will keep them working. For easier moving, you can order the Wooden Base accessory so the dog can easily be picked up and moved to a slightly different area. The Wooden Base will eliminate the need to pound the dowel into the ground.

The dogs and wooden dowels need no other maintenance. Since the dogs are weather-resistant, they can be left out in all weather conditions - rain, snow, hail, etc. Exception: you may want to take the dogs in if hurricane or tornado conditions are expected.

If directions are followed, these dogs should continue to deter pests year after year. Note: The effectiveness of this product depends upon the users' ability to follow the product instructions of height, placement, and movement and to adjust based on the unique variances of their property.

IMPORTANT: The feet of the dog should be 3" - 4" off the ground. Any higher or any lower, the dog will not look realistic enough and may be ineffective.

Enjoy your property! You will be amazed at how effective the Dog Decoy is at keeping pests away from your property. No more goose poop everywhere...in the lawn...on your shoes...or on the sidewalks. You will see your plants and gardens grow better than every since the deer will not be destroying your plants and gardens. No more fencing around gardens or plants to keep the rabbits away. Just enjoy your beautiful property and your new Dog Decoy! If you find that the dog decoy does not work for your unique situation, you have 30-days to return for a refund (minus shipping and handling).

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. What size are the dogs?
A. The dog silhouette is 24 inches high and 34 inches from tail to nose.

Q. Can I leave the dog outside when it rains?
A. Yes! The dogs are 100% weather resistant. Keep them out all year around with no worries. They will withstand rain, sleet, hail, snow, wind, and sun.

Q. How many dogs will I need?
A. An average size athletic field will need 3 to 5 dogs to effectively keep the geese away. If you have a pond, pool, or water area, a minimum of 3 dogs will be needed to keep the geese away. Depending upon the features of your property, you may need more or less dogs. The most popular item is the Pack of 3 dogs.

Q. What are the dogs made of?
A. The dog silhouette is made of a weather resistant plastic. This is the material that many political yard signs are made of. The plastic material will withstand rain, snow, sleet, hail, high winds, and sun. The spring is made of industrial strength steel. The dowel stake is made of wood.

Q. How long will the dog decoys last?
A. With proper care the dog decoys can last 3-4 years. The light-weight plastic material is also very durable.

Q. What if my goose problem requires live dogs to chase out the geese first?
A. If you are in New Jersey, we highly recommend Hudson Valley Wild Goose Chasers. Their expert trained live dogs can harass the geese and break their habit of becoming too comfortable on your property.

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