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Case of 12 Retail Ready Dog Decoys $50/unit
Item#: dog-decoy-case
Reg Price: $600.00
Online Special Price: $585.00

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Product DescriptionWelcome to the ultimate solution for pest management in your retail store! Our dog decoy is a game-changer, providing a safe, chemical-free way to keep deer, geese, and other pests at bay, day or night, in any weather condition. Each case contains a dozen of these ingenious decoys, ready to hit your shelves and fly off into the hands of delighted customers. With a retail value of $69 per unit, these dog decoys offer an attractive profit margin for your store.

Crafted with care right here in the USA and shipped from the heart of Minnesota, our dog decoys are more than just effective. They are a testament to quality and reliability. Packaged with clear instructions and UPC codes for seamless integration into your inventory and POS system, they're as easy to sell as they are to use. Don't miss out on this opportunity to offer your customers a pet and child-friendly solution to pest control while boosting your store's bottom line. Join the ranks of satisfied retailers who've made the smart choice with our dog decoys today!
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