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Deer Repellent

Deer Repellent
For years, the dog decoys have been sold to deter geese.
Many customers have seen that the dog decoys keep deer away too!
Deer can be destructive on your property by eating your shrubs, plants, and flowers. Place in the area the deer normally visit and watch how they no longer come around (when used as directed).

Our home is in the middle of 10 acres which is roughly 60% forested with an acre of professionally done landscaping surrounding our home. We typically saw deer crossing the property almost daily along with an occasional coyote. At night or when we were not home the deer would often wander into the landscaped areas and destroy flower beds or damage bushes and arborvitae trees. For years we tried to discourage the deer using various spray on repellants which are quite expensive, smelled terrible and were only affective for a few days. We came across the dog decoys while on vacation last summer and decided to give them a try. We purchased 3 decoys and, following the directions, placed them around just the outside of our landscaped area spread far enough apart so that only one decoy could be seen from nearly all locations and changed their location every 4 to 6 days. The deer and coyotes disappeared! I still hear an occasional deer "snort" or stamping off in the woods but we have had no damage to our landscaping since we started using the dog decoys 6 months ago.
Bruce W.

We purchased your watchdogs for our grounds to keep the deer away. We have three acres of lawn where we had deer on our property almost everyday eating everything in site. I have two small dogs which we let out on the property and they would constantly go crazy with the deer scent. This became a nightmare and a constant chore to clean up after the deer's mess. When looking online for help to keep the deer off my property I came across Watchdog goose patrol. I decided that I was going to try the Watchdogs on my property. I had nothing to lose because I tried a lot of other products and they never worked . My first order was 5 scented watch dogs in January ,2012. I felt they were definitely working in three sections of my property however the deer were coming in on the front of my property. Amazing.....these dogs were working!!!

We love them, besides keeping the deer away they are conversation pieces . I was not going to write this testimonial till I was sure that the deer were gone. It has been four months now and I saw about 3 deer on my property that saw my watchdogs and ran off. I believe that they do work as long as the dogs get moved around the the property and the scent gets replaced every 5 to 6 weeks.

Thank you Sarah Johnson for inventing the Watch Dog................

We love them,
Haverford , Pennsylvania

"To whom it may concern, Pertaining to the scented Watch Dog Decoy that I have used. By observing it in action on my property in the country, I have seen it work very effectively on deer, rabbits, and game birds by keeping them away or at a distance from my plants and fruit trees that previously were eaten or damaged. It also serves as a yard ornament which is fun to observe. I would very much recommend this product to anyone having similar problems.
S.Y. - Wisconsin

"My husband and I live in rural West Virginia, where the deer are thick this year. Among others, three sets of twins were born up here this season, and all are thriving, almost as big as their mothers now. They are very interested in my plants, of course. There may be lots of hickory nuts and grasses to enjoy - but nothing is as succulent as a rose bush, a hosta, a daylily. I have planted a whole variety of 'deer resistant' things like Phlox and Joe Pye Weed, but the deer didn't get the memo, and they just love 'em.

We planted the Dog Decoy in a bed of daylilies and evening primroses. Believe it or not - the deer won't come near it. That dog dances, dips, and twirls on his spring. It's as good as watching Dancing with the Stars! We even put a spotlight on him.

Now that winter is approaching we need to get another 'Dog' for the front yard where the 'resistant' plants are. You invented a realty good product. We have a lot of wind up here on our little mountain, but the dog is unaffected. He is very realistic looking, and I'm sure the dog scent pack and collar bell help to deter the wildlife. We'll also be able to change is location with no problems at all. Thanks for a great product, made in the U.S.A!"
-Mary, Central West Virginia