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Scent Disk Accessory Kit
Item#: SD0812
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Product Description The Scent Disk clips to the dog decoy and emits a predator scent. The movement of the Dog Decoy along with the Scent Disk is a very effective deterrent for Deer, Geese, Rabbit, Coyote, Raccoon, Groundhogs, and Woodchucks.
  • Contains: 1 Scent Disk, 1 oz. bottle of scent.
  • Lasts Approximately: 6 months
  • Made in USA
Select a Scent:
The Scent Disk Accessory Kit is available in two variations.
  • Choose 'For Deer' to keep away Deer and Coyotes.
  • Choose 'For Geese' to keep away Geese*, Rabbits, Raccoon, Groundhogs, and Woodchucks.
Twist open the scent disk, remove the felt inside, and using the included spray bottle, saturate the felt and replace into the scent disk. Twist the scent disk together and clip to the dog decoy's back.

**IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT GEESE - The Scent Disk Accessory for Geese is NOT NORMALLY NEEDED to deter Geese. Approx. 96% of the time, the movement of the Dog Decoy by itself, without the scent disk, is effective to deter Geese. ONLY add this Scent Disk if the geese seem unafraid of the Dog Decoy. This could be during times of nesting.
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